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I am a nature photographer from Transylvania, Romania. I have a great passion for nature and the outdoors, and a keen interest in the natural heritage of Romania. Born in 1989 in Targu Mures, the Carpathian Mountains have inspired me as a child, and while studying in a Natural Sciences class in High School I have also started photographing seriously. After graduation I felt that I really wanted to combine my passion for biology with my passion for photography, so with the help of my parents, friends and a university loan, in 2008 I applied for the Wildlife and Environmental Photography Course at the Blackpool and the Fylde College run by the Lancaster University in England.

It was during my university years that I have realised just how special Romania’s natural heritage is, and how many values are often not realised and not protected in Romania. After graduation I have moved back to my hometown, where I have started working on photographic stories of wildlife and ecosystems of Romania. I am committed to conservation; in my photography I like working on projects, and always strive to remain true, and maintain a high ethical standard.

I am a member of naturArt, the Hungarian Association of nature photographers, a founding member of Forona, the Romanian Associacion of nature photographers, member of the iLCP Emerging league program, and a Photographer and Wildlife guide for Sakertour.





"Seen from the above, the Carpathian mountain range reminds me of a question mark...The question mark seems to ask: what is the life in this region of the world like? How do we preserve its unique values? What do we do for the future?" -HE Rudolf Schuster




Wether it's with the use of camera traps or with days spent camouflaged behind my lens waiting to be part of a special moment, I am passionate about witnessing all kinds of interactions. I feel most at home in the wilderness areas of Romania -the Carpathian Mountains, the Danube Delta - but I always face new environments and challenges with great curiosity.   

Exploration - both on the field and artistically - is something that I love to do. In a way every new experiment inspires me on my journey for a deeper understanding. 

I strive to give a voice to those that haven't got one, to inspire people for change, and get as many people as possible interested in our environment. I believe in the saying: 

'You can only protect something that you already know and care about'



Awards & Recognition



  • Nikon '10 Year' Portfolio Award – Romania –1st Prize


  • 'Gratitudine Urbis' award from Targu Mures City Council, Romania
  • Milvus Nature Photo Contest – 2nd Prize in 'Landscapes', Romania
  • Fotogeografica, Romania – 2nd Prize in the 'Landscape' category


  • Festival de l'Oiseau et de la Nature, France – 1st Prize in the 'Encounters' category
  • Nature Photographer of the year, Hungary – Highly Commended
  • Fotogeografica, Romania – 2nd Prize in the 'Wildlife' category


  • 'European Wildlife Photographer of the Year' - 1st Prize in the 'Birds' category
  • Nature Photographer of the year, Hungary – 2nd Prize in the 'Black and White' category
  • Milvus Nature Photo Contest – Grand prize of the competition


  • 'European Wildlife Photographer of the Year' - Fritz Pölking Junior Award
  • Nature Photographer of the year, Hungary – 1st Prize in the 'Mammals' category
  • Fotogeografica, Romania – 1st Prize


  • 'European Wildlife Photographer of the Year' – Highly Commended
  • Nature Photographer of the year, Hungary – 1st Prize in the 'Birds' category
  • 'Golden Turtle ' Russia – Highly Commended


  • 'Milvus' Nature Photo Contest – Best Photographer from Romania


  • 'Nikon – Epson 2009' – Romania – 1st Prize







"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see Nature all ridicule and deformity, and some scarce see Nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, Nature is Imagination itself." William Blake



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  • Expert guiding for the Wildlife and Nature of Romania


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