In the footsteps of bears


Deep in the heart of the Retezat Mountains of Romania, I was on the trail of bears and other wildlife this year as I photographed this wilderness area. In order to see the animals  I focused my attention to the often snowy alpine zones just above the forests, and resorted to intuition and patience. Some of the rewards were unforgettable, whether witnessing a bear cooling off by eating snow on a hot day, or looking into the eyes of wolves as they spotted me because of the shutter sound, they all made me feel incredibly privileged to be there. With its pristine forests and remote valleys, this place has a captivating aura, that sometimes made me wonder  how some other parts of the Carpathians, and Europe would have looked like before they were transformed.


This year I have the very special honor of being invited to speak at the Wildscreen Photography Festival in London and  -although not finished yet- I will show more pictures from my ‘Wild Retezat’ project as part of my presentation.

Memory card mishap

I’m home for a short time from some of my trips planned for this spring, mainly in the Retezat Mountains of Romania. On this last trip I got a stressful little scare, when for the first time one of my 32 GB memory cards got corrupted, as I was photographing lekking capercaillies high up on the mountain. Luckily, I could quickly change memory cards, but I had to wait for another week to see whether I could recover the corrupted files. Thankfully, I didn’t lose anything, and this picture from the lek is one of the pictures I was able to recover. I’m not going to name the memory card I was using, because it could happen to any card, but I will name PhotoRec, a free, and simple open source solution for file recovery, that I can only recommend.


Great news from Milvus!

I am thrilled to hear that I have won the Grand prize of the Milvus Nature Photography Contest this year, with my image ‘ Winter visitor’. What an honor!
For me photography is about sharing, and it’s great to share my visions of a winter encounter with beautiful migrants from the north: Waxwings.



Congratulations to all the highly commended photographers and category winners – this years exhibition will yet again be a beautiful and strong collection!

I have some more exciting news for this month, so watch this space, or follow my photography page on Facebook, HERE.